Biz Over Tea: Safeguarding Your Small Business From Cybercrime and Hacking Attacks

Small businesses are at high risk of damage from cybercrimes due to their typically lax protocols. Cytellix Corporation’s Trenelle Lyiscott shows us how to fight back.

Listen and watch: https://drlisa.co/safeguarding-your-small-business-from-cybercrime-and-hacking-attacks

About Biz Over Tea

Biz Over Tea with Dr. Lisa brings you sometimes blunt, but always actionable conversations about moving your business forward to the next stage of development. Whether you’re a freelancer today or ready to hire your 20th employee, we’re processing the ideas and actions that lead from startup to growth. We deliver practical guidance on solving day-to-day issues in your business processes and marketing operations as well as managing your self-care as you build your empire. Get ready to steep, sip, and strategize.

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