Marketing Math: The Numbers Game of Online Marketing

Get ready for a whole different kind of social media marketing workshop! In Marketing Math, we’ll look at analytics and conversion rates so you can start to calculate your sales revenue before you even launch your campaign. We’re not talking about making your content more attractive or engaging – that’s another workshop! We’re going to look at where you are, and how to calculate your growth plan.

Marketing Math gets you thinking about the science behind the art of social media marketing. How many people need to see your message, and how many times, before you successfully convert them to an email subscriber or customer? That’s what you’ll learn in this workshop.

What You’ll Learn in the Marketing Math Social Media Marketing Workshop

  • What the numbers in your social media analytics and insights really mean
  • How to calculate your conversion rate and use it in your marketing strategy
  • The right way to figure out how often to post to your social media

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Apr 21 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Main Street MarTech

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