Squarespace Maintenance Plans

Our Squarespace maintenance packages keep you running sleek and fast with the same personal care and service you deliver to your clients.

Squarespace Website Maintenance

Professional website maintenance requires more than just updating things here and there once in a while. A truly effective website care plan is an essential part of your overall technology strategy. Your webmaster is in the best position to help you continuously improve your services to customers while protecting your business and your client data from threats. Let us help your business thrive and grow online. Our White Glove Website Care Plans include a preliminary Health Checkup to make sure you know what’s going on with your website before we start taking care of things for you.

Your Squarespace Maintenance starts with a checkup.

Just like meeting a new doctor, we need to know about your website’s history and existing conditions. The first step is to investigate your website to check for issues and review your user experience.

What We Do in Your Website Health Checkup

System Assessment

We review whether your website is doing its job as a primary business asset.

Security Assessment

We investigate your site protection, and how much risk you're currently exposed to.

User Experience Review

We use our proprietary usability scale to test how easy it is for your visitors to get things done.

Dr. Lisa's Care Plan Philosophy

Dr. Lisa Richardson
Founder & CEO

Are you frustrated by all the headaches from working with your webmaster? Do content updates to your site take weeks and cost an arm and a leg each time? Do your emails and calls keep going unanswered?

You deserve 24/7 support & security PLUS content & business tech consulting.

We’ll be there for you to answer your questions and continuously enhance your site to support your business. WordPress maintenance is just the start of all we can do for you. Plus, most routine text and image updates can be completed in just 24-48 hours.

Don’t settle for terrible service and insecure customer data just because you need support you don’t have in-house. You deserve the best.

We’ll take care of you – and your business – at Main Street MarTech.

Squarespace Website Care Plans

Select Your Service Level

Single Website


per Month
+one-time $95 Health Check Fee

3 Site Package


per Month
+one-time $150 Health Check Fee

5 Site Package


per Month
+ one-time $250 Health Check Fee

10 Site Package


per Month
+ one-time $300 Health Check Fee