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We manage the marketing tools and tech that help small local brands compete successfully with much bigger competitors.

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Local Marketing & Content Strategy

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Main Street MarTech is dedicated to helping small businesses, startups, and local nonprofits compete with big brands by leveraging local marketing efforts and effective content marketing to increase online brand awareness.

We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes by optimizing your business website, managing content strategy, and providing day-to-day business tech solutions so you shine in the spotlight.


Atlanta's Micro & Mighty tech team and backstage crew for over 12 years

Why Choose Main Street MarTech?

Our comprehensive local marketing solutions are designed to help our clients conquer the overwhelming responsibility that comes from managing multiple subscriptions on a daily basis.

Let our experienced team of marketing experts free up your valuable time as we handle the back-end tools needed to grow your business, while you focus on the importance of building lasting relationships with your customers.

Stay Local - But Grow Global

With our local marketing support, you will effectively gain a competitive edge as we develop a strategic plan for your marketing and business operations.

Website Services – Optimize Your Digital Real Estate

We build and maintain modern, creative websites that will capture the attention of your target audience – and keep it.

Content Marketing – Make Your Voice Heard In The Online Marketplace

Attract new customers with engaging content that will inform, impress, and convert.

Research – Reclaim Those Sales That Keep Slipping Through the Cracks

Through intensive research and campaign data analysis, we help you adapt and improve your marketing efforts, leading to improved profitability.

Try Before You Buy - Sign Up for a Marketing Workshop Today

Need more information? We invite you to take our knowledge for a spin in one of our public marketing workshops or book us for a private workshop with your team.

Sometimes it's hard to see all the details.

Let us help you create a customized local marketing strategy with our dedicated team of martech geeks.

We Specialize in Tech & People – We Understand You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Leveling the field for the Micro & Mighty

Marketing is now ingrained in every aspect of your business. Connections are the key to business success, and we will make sure your business is connected in all the right ways.

When you get caught up in repetitive business tasks, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

We will show you a better way to manage daily operations, email communications, invoicing procedures, and all of the other burdensome tasks that can be effectively automated to reclaim your time.

We understand that every business is unique, with different goals and objectives. Make the best technology decisions for your customers and for your team with accurate information, objective education, and honest evaluations.

Our team will help you understand the actual sales impact for each software choice you make, and will guide you in selecting the option that will properly align with your future goals.


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