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Digital Events

When planning digital and hybrid events, your want your vendor partners to be knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. Bonus points if they also work well with your clients and make you look good. You want a virtual event management team that checks off all those boxes and more.

How We Work

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Make your digital event process more manageable with a team that effortlessly blends in with yours. Adding our event tech and project management team to your planning committee adds the power you need to deliver exceptional experiences online and in person.


Hybrid Events

When planning hybrid events, you’re really running two experiences. Our team can help you with your site selection process and strategic planning. Integrating both experiences can take place in a number of ways, and we’ll help you choose the best for your specific event goals and attendee outcomes. We even have a growing directory of digital-event-ready venues in and around Atlanta that you can search for free.


Virtual Events

Virtual event management starts before the platform selection. When you’ve determined the goals for your event, we’ll help you ask the right questions to choose the tools that fit your strategies, goals, and budget. Our team even jumps in to spark and encourage online engagement for your remote participants.


Training Series

Planning an educational series? Whether it’s a hybrid training session or simply planning ahead to repurpose content - we can help. Our content creation team blends video, illustration, photography, and more to support target outcomes for a variety of learning styles. We can even build and support your learning platform to transform the series into a reusable learning system.


Event Content

Event Content - Content design, creation, and production for a cohesive, accessible,  and delightful experience for your attendees, speakers, and other stakeholders. We partner with a curated group of dedicated partners to tell your story.

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