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Web Accessibility is Essential for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Inclusivity is important – no one would deny that. However, the choices we make are often casually exclusive. The DOJ has made it crystal clear that websites are places of public accommodation, and therefore legally required to be accessible to as many users as possible. 

To be clear, ADA compliance was always legally necessary. However, the DOJ’s recent statements clarified that ADA compliance is indeed required for business websites.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility refers the the ability for users with different abilities and needs to use and experience your website easily and using the tools they require to interact with the web. That might be a screen reader, rollerball mouse, voice command, or many other access tools and software options.

Beyond being the right thing to do, being intentional about web accessibility means that your content can be experienced by 40% more people, immediately. Think about what that increase in visibility means for your business goals.

What are the benefits of web accessibility?

Your content marketing program can only be improved by becoming more inclusive and accessible. Being intentional about the accessibility of all your content is a step everyone can benefit from.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is fed by the clarity and usefulness of your content, and accessible website content ranks higher in search. In fact, many best practices for technical SEO are directly related to website accessibility standards.

What happens if my website is not accessible?

Small-to-medium sized businesses are big targets for lawsuits because honestly, big corporations have already been working on ADA compliance for 10 years.

There has been a rising flood of lawsuits regarding web accessibility. With the pandemic forcing everyone online, many people suddenly found themselves trapped without access to financial and health information, much less shopping and food delivery.

Which industries are most impacted?

What does this mean for my business website?

Short answer? Get into compliance or stay at risk for a lawsuit. Keep in mind that PPP money is federal money, so if your business website is not compliant with these regulations, you’re at risk for far more than just a lawsuit.

Man in wheelchair looking at reports and working on a laptop

How do I achieve ADA compliance for my website?

If you’re ready to be more inclusive while also protecting your business from a lawsuit, we have a simple, affordable solution for you. Main Street MarTech will put our resources and carefully vetted partners to work to help bring you into compliance..

Upgrade to inclusive design and protect your business

Make your website more inclusive and ADA compliant.

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