From Memes to Metrics: A Crash Course in Marketing Math

If you're tired of guessing whether your marketing is working, this workshop is for you.

Bet you didn’t know…there is A LOT of math in marketing. We just don’t think about it much because as business owners – we have everything else on our plate.

It can be hard to think about marketing beyond funny memes and gorgeous photos. But you can’t know if your marketing is working for you if you don’t measure it.

Let’s talk about the math associated with your marketing strategy – specifically your social media strategy. Do you know WHY you need a certain number of followers to generate a sale? How do you figure out what that magic number is? What if you’re just getting started??


If you’re just getting started, that means you can move forward with a plan instead of floundering around at first as the rest of us did. Join us for a raw and real look at how to get useful numbers that you can use to plan marketing campaigns, aim for revenue goals, and measure your return on marketing investment.

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Event Details

  • Start Time

    May 25, 2:00 pm

  • Duration

    1 Hour

  • Location


  • Category

    Marketing Analytics


  • Speaker

    Dr. Lisa Richardson

  • On Demand

    3-5 Days After Session

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