9 Growth Strategies to Energize Sluggish Sales

Video Chapters

(00:03) Breaking Up With Break Even

Dr. Lisa Richardson shares prep tasks before implementing growth strategies to achieve profitability in business, including reviewing goals, assessing status, and staying attuned to market demand.

(08:49) Business Growth Strategies and Tips

Incorporate BNPL, joint ventures, government contracting, subscription model, new markets, service capacity, and responsible pricing for business growth.

(21:58) Strategic Planning for Business Growth

Strategic planning, selecting tools, nurturing leads, and allocating time are essential for business growth and sales success.

Webinar Summary: Breaking Up with Break-Even

From Feast-n-Famine to Financial Stability

Dr. Lisa opens the webinar with her origin story, including her transition from freelance web designer to CEO of Main Street MarTech. Dr. Lisa’s story is not just inspirational but instructional, highlighting the realities of hitting true break-even—a stage where paying yourself is a non-negotiable element of profitability.

Innovative Payment Solutions and Partnerships

Dr. Lisa illuminates modern payment solutions like Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for small business and explains how these options can amplify order values and foster customer loyalty. She also delves into the strategic magic of joint ventures and government contracting, encouraging listeners to reassess their business goals in the context of current market dynamics.

Subscription Models and Price Adjustments

Dr. Lisa encourages service providers to reimagine their offerings using subscription models and defined service packages. She emphasizes the importance of calculated price adjustments, ensuring that businesses compete and lead in their respective markets.

Strategic Planning: The Backbone of Any Growth Plan

The importance of strategic planning can’t be overstated. Dr. Lisa highlights the necessity of selecting the right tools for managing client relationships and carefully preparing to nurture new leads.

Growth Strategy Highlights

Dr. Lisa provides valuable tips and anecdotes throughout the webinar, openly sharing her deep understanding of business dynamics. Here are a few nuggets:

On Breaking Up With Break Even: “If you haven’t reached a point where you are paying yourself yet, you’re not at the break-even point.”

On Business Growth Strategies and Tips: “Consider joint venture opportunities… get together to grow both of your audiences, to extend your reach.”

On Strategic Planning for Business Growth: “Understand how it’s going to work before you get started. And are you ready to nurture all these brand new leads?”

This replay is for anyone at the helm of a business or on the cusp of starting one. Dr. Lisa’s insights aren’t just theories; they are battle-tested strategies that she’s used to grow Main Street from the murky waters of just breaking even to the clear skies of financial success.

So, tune in, take notes, and prepare to roll out your plan to redefine your business’s trajectory. With Dr. Lisa as your guide, the path to profitability has never been clearer.

Remember, the pursuit of profitability is not a one-and-done task but an extended journey enriched by shared wisdom and strategic collaboration.

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