Getting It Done: Managed Content Production vs. Content Marketing Agencies

Are you struggling to decide whether to outsource your B2B content creation or rely on in-house resources? Making the right choice is crucial for maximizing your content strategy’s effectiveness. We’ll explore two popular options: managed content production and content marketing agencies.

Managed content production involves partnering with a dedicated team that specializes in creating high-quality B2B content. On the other hand, content marketing agencies offer a broader range of services, including strategy development, content creation, distribution, and analytics.

Choosing between these two options can be challenging, but fear not! We will discuss the pros and cons of each approach to help you make an informed decision. So, whether you’re considering outsourcing your content or looking for a reliable agency, this article will guide you in managing your B2B content production effectively.

The importance of a well-executed B2B content strategy

A well-defined content strategy helps your team (or you, if you’re solo) establish thought leadership, build trust, and generate leads for your business. It allows them to showcase your expertise, educate potential customers, and differentiate your benefits in a crowded market. Furthermore, it helps businesses establish credibility and authority in their industry, leading to long-term success.

The “content monster”

Fueling your company’s business goals takes an incredible amount of content. Content powers sales conversations, customer service solutions, employee training engagement, and, of course, your digital marketing efforts. Just when you thought you had it all down, you still have to create webinar, event, and podcast content.

This constant need for content burns out small business owners and nonprofit leaders alike. So, how do successful organizations handle it all? Depending on your budget and goals, your best options could be contracting with an outside team for managed content production or hiring a content agency to handle the entire process for you. Here’s how they line up.

Managed content production: What is it and how does it work?

Managed content production involves either leaning on an in-house content team or outsourcing content creation to external resources. With this approach, the business liaison directs the content creation process, from ideation to publication. They can ensure that the content aligns with your brand voice, messaging, and overall marketing objectives. Managed content production typically includes content planning, research, writing, editing, and optimization tasks.

The benefits of managed content production for B2B businesses

There are several advantages to adopting a managed content production approach:

  1. Brand alignment: With managed content production, you can maintain consistent brand messaging and tone of voice across all content assets. This alignment helps establish brand recognition and builds trust among the target audience.
  2. Flexibility and agility: In-house content teams or external resources can quickly adapt to changing market trends, industry updates, and customer preferences. This flexibility allows businesses to produce timely and relevant content, keeping them ahead of the competition.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: While managing an in-house content team may involve overhead costs, outsourcing content production to freelancers or agencies can be cost-effective. It eliminates the need for hiring and training employees, reducing your long-term expenses.
  4. Increased control and customization: Managed content production lets the business retain full control over the content creation process. They can customize the content to cater to specific target audience segments, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Content marketing agencies: What do they offer?

Content marketing agencies are specialized companies offering a range of services to help businesses plan, create, and distribute content effectively. These agencies typically have a team of skilled professionals, including writers, editors, SEO experts, technologists, and strategists, who work collaboratively to deliver high-quality content. They bring expertise, industry knowledge, and resources to the table, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their content strategy. 

The advantages of hiring a content marketing agency for your B2B content strategy

Partnering with a content marketing agency offers several benefits for B2B businesses:

  1. Access to expertise: Content marketing agencies have a diverse team of professionals with expertise in various aspects of content creation and marketing. This includes SEO optimization, content strategy development, social media marketing, and more. Leveraging their expertise can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your content.
  2. Efficiency and scalability: Content marketing agencies have the resources and infrastructure to handle content projects of just about any scale. They can also handle multiple content formats, such as blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, reports, and videos, ensuring a consistent and cohesive content strategy.
  3. Industry insights and trends: Content marketing agencies stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and algorithm changes. They can leverage this knowledge to create content that resonates with your target audience and aligns with current market demands.
  4. Time-saving: By outsourcing content creation to a content marketing agency, businesses can free up their internal resources to focus on other core activities. This saves them time and allows them to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Factors to consider when choosing between managed content production and a content marketing agency

When deciding between managed content production and partnering with a content marketing agency, businesses must consider several factors:

  1. Budget: Assessing your budget is crucial. Managed content production may be more cost-effective for small or medium-sized businesses with limited resources. On the other hand, content marketing agencies may be more suitable for businesses with specific, high-impact goals and larger budgets to invest in specialized expertise.
  2. Time and resources: Evaluate internal human resources’ availability and expertise. If your team lacks the necessary skills or bandwidth to create consistent and varied content, outsourcing to a content marketing agency might be the best solution.
  3. Scalability: Consider the long-term scalability of your content strategy. If you anticipate significant growth or an increased demand for content, a content marketing agency can offer the scalability and resources required to meet your evolving needs.
  4. Brand control: Determine the level of control you desire over your content. Managed content production allows for more direct oversight while working with a content marketing agency requires a higher level of trust and collaboration.

Making the right decision for your business

Choosing between managed content production and a content marketing agency ultimately depends on your specific business needs, budget, and resources. Both approaches have their advantages and challenges. Managed content production offers greater control, customization, and cost-effectiveness, while content marketing agencies provide specialized expertise, scalability, and industry insights. 

When making this decision, evaluate your goals, analyze your internal capabilities, and consider long-term scalability. Choosing the approach that best aligns with your B2B content strategy can maximize your content efforts and achieve the desired results.

Main Street MarTech offers a continuum of content services from managed production to full-scale strategy and management as your outsourced marketing department. Schedule a call to discuss options for your company.

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