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Let’s talk about email marketing and how it’s the missing piece in your competitive digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is the process of creating a well-crafted email for your business.

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Whether you need to distribute newsletters, promotional materials, or simply want to wish your customers happy holidays, email marketing is a great way to do that. It generates more traffic to your website, to your social media profiles, to your review sites all while creating more brand awareness for your company, you might be thinking there’s no way that email marketing can be successful now that social media has taken over, right?

Well, you might be surprised to know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, 90% of adult internet users would actually like to receive promotional materials from a business they’ve subscribed to better yet. 70% of adults have a social media account, but 90% of adults have an email account that they’re actually checking regularly, depending on your strategy.

Customize your email marketing campaign to get better engagement.

  1. Newsletters. Update your customers on new or current offerings through a newsletter, regardless of the kind of business. An informational newsletter with engaging graphics and promotional items can work for any small business.
  2. Event emails. Are you hosting a gala? Maybe you’re taking part in a charitable event. Use emails to distribute that kind of information to your customers. Some small businesses, like those in the restaurant industry, host special events each and every month, and a monthly email provides the right platform to distribute that kind of information.
  3. Sales campaigns. Regardless of the time of the year, many small businesses have monthly and quarterly sales campaigns. Whether you’re wanting to give a discount on a favorite item, a coupon for your most loyal customers, or maybe you’re trying to promote an item that isn’t selling too well. Sales campaigns are a great way to increase your revenue number for holiday emails.
  4. Don’t forget to communicate with your customers around major holidays. Although you might be using social media to do the same thing, a custom happy holidays or Merry Christmas email goes a long way.

While it may seem like “just another email,” a well-crafted email marketing campaign can have a big impact on your digital marketing strategy. Start attracting new customers with email marketing today!

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